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How Are Savings Made?

Plant Visit and Data Analysis

Detailed audit of the site to define a set of ECMs (Energy Conservation Measures).

Payback Calculations

Analysis of Capex, Opex and Savings to determine financial KPIs.

Plant Retrofit

Modifications are made to the plant to automatically regulate energy consumption.

Performance Validation

Measurement and Validation Plan is executed to validate the savings.

Who Are We?

About Smart Energy

We are a MENA-based ESCO company that helps industrial plant operators achieve energy savings.


Our experienced team of engineers deliver comprehensive and bespoke energy saving solutions focused on optimizing operations and maintenance operations and reducing overall energy costs. In making your operations more energy efficient, we seek to boost your bottom line, make your business more sustainable and enhance your reputation as an environmentally conscious company.


We aim to be the partner of choice for large energy consumers across the MENA region. Our highly specialised expertise in utilities (such as centralised cooling), independence from equipment manufacturers, and flexible business model make us unique in the ESCO landscape. Our problem-solving and results-driven approach means we are confident in guaranteeing a minimum of 20% off your annual energy bill.

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Why Work With Smart Energy?

Guaranteed Energy Savings

We offer our customers the best guaranteed returns by optimizing

the ratio of savings over capital expenditure.

Technical Expertise

Flexible Solutions

Result Driven

Financial Returns

Guaranteed Results



Independence from Equipment Manufacturers

Why Do We Need

to Save Energy Costs?

Increase in Cooling Needs

With a harsh climate during the summer time and rapid population growth, cooling needs have grown substantially across the GCC region over the last couple of decades. The region’s installed cooling capacity has exceeded 5 million refrigeration tons, representing a third of the world’s total installed capacity. Moreover, cooling in the GCC represents as much as 70% of electricity consumption.

Energy Tariffs Rising

Consumers in the GCC have traditionally enjoyed low electricity tariffs thanks to state subsidies. However, over the last 5 years, this has begun to change with subsidies being progressively and consistently removed in many countries of the region. Electricity costs have become a significant issue for large consumers such as industry, government, and recreational facilities. There is huge potential to save energy costs, which is where Smart Energy comes in.

The Environmental & Social Benefits

In additional to the benefit of reducing your energy bill, energy efficiency presents environmental and social benefits that are widely recognized as they lead to preserving resources, cutting CO2 emissions and creating job opportunities for the local population. All of these factors contribute to the realization of a more sustainable future.

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